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FL Division Teams, Sunday 3/14 1PM CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Want to be a player in the NXBL?

The NXBL offers very unique opportunities for skilled baseball players of all ages 18 and up to play in a professional league environment. The league is currently the only independent professional baseball league conducting games in Central, FL as well as in certain areas throughout the North eastern United States.  If you feel you have the initiative,  professional character and entrepreneurial spirit to be a player in the NXBL then we certainly want to consider you as a player for one of the league teams located in your area. The most important part of being a player in the league is to maintain a positive attitude towards your player responsibilities and at the same time have fun playing the game of baseball. The 1st step you will need to make to become an eligible player in the league is to attend an upcoming player tryout. To register for an upcoming tryout click the link below for the area that you live in
FLORIDA DIVISION (Daytona, Orlando, Tampa, SpaceCoast)
NE DIVISION (NYC,CT,New Jersey,MA/Boston)


If you are familiar to how independent professional baseball leagues traditionally operate, you will know that the role of a player requires on the field and off the field responsibilities. To be an effective independent professional baseball player requires a player to  think of   themselves and their team as a business and in order to operate this business successfully  requires a lot of self initiative. We advise players to look at the opportunities we provide as if they were starting  a part time business that has the potential to make a part time salary. As the league continues to grow these personal salary programs furthermore, have the potential to evolve into more career fulltime opportunities.

The league has developed several programs that give players the means to raise money for their teams as well as for their individual player salaries. These programs requirements involve players to obtain a player sponsor to help with the teams business funding needs. The more successful each player is in fulfilling their player sponsorship requirements translates to better marketing campaigns for the games. These marketing campaigns include effective TV, radio and/or newspaper advertising which will certainly help bring more fans to the games. The more fans in the stands translates to satisfied sponsors and more revenue for everyone involved i.e. players, coaches and staff etc.

In addition to the players fiscal responsibilities mentioned above, other off the field responsibilities are also required. These responsibilities involve player public appearances at area schools, malls, little leagues and other civic organizations etc.
The idea is to think of your self as a marketing tool for your business. This mind set can be compared to how NASCAR drivers and their teams operate.

We certainly want all players to have a very positive experience playing in the NXBL. Every year more and more  players are making their mark in NXBL history. Players such as Danier Raeyes is the 1st  and currently the only player to hit a six run semi grand slam, Adam Newman holds the best one game   batting record  which includes two homeruns, a triple and a single (just shy of the cycle), and Ronnie Bradley holds the record for most stolen bases in one game at six. These and many more records are being made each season and the possibility of more players setting new records are very high. Are you ready to be the next NXBL record setter? The time is now for you to take your game to the next level. The 2010 Season is HERE!!!

Tryout Registration Links:

FLORIDA DIVISION (Daytona, Orlando, Tampa, SpaceCoast)
NE DIVISION (NYC.PA/Philly,New Jersey,MA/Boston)




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Florida Division
(Currently Operating)
Daytona Stingrays
Orlando Dragons
SpaceCoast Rockets
Tampa Bay Black Sox
North East Division
(2010  Inaugural Season)

Pennsylvania Pioneers
New Jersey Comets

*Baltimore Stallions (2011 Expansion)
South East Division
Pending/Concept Expansion Teams)
South Carolina Blue Birds
North Carolina Lumberjacks

Georgia Cannons
Richmond Renegades

Jacksonville Daredevils
Miami Pythons
Central Division
(2011Pending/Concept Expansion Teams)
Nashville Sparrows
Cincinnati Blitz
Indianapolis Mohicans
Cleveland Crows
Texas Roadrunners
North Central Division
(2011Pending/Concept Expansion Teams)
St Louis X-Men
Chicago Shadows
Green Bay Tomahawks
Minnesota Miracles
Colorado Cliffhangers
West Division
(2011Pending/Concept Expansion Teams)
Arizona Sidewinders
California Cobras
LasVegas Goldminers
Seattle Stars
San Diego Horizons

New Mexico Palominos

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