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                             Since the very first showcase artists and audience participants have had a lot to say about the SSA and here are just a few...


Hey Phil, we just wanted to thank you for all your work. We got a main stage spot
for bike week off our show at the Daytona Festival. Thanks for putting us in the
spots we played at. Looking forward to Deland! 

Shane Harper


Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! We had so much fun playing and
seeing all the other bands.
The Event was really fun and the t-shirts were fabulous.

Thank you!

Hello Sister

(Grace, Gabriella and Scarlett Mason)

Phil Weidner, you are such an amazing person for taking your time to host this event. The music community appreciates you and our band Martin And The Dead Guys appreciates your hard work. We had a blast at Boot Hills outdoor main stage. Special thanks to everyone who came out to hear the music and who stopped by to listen during our set. Songwriters Showcase and the City of Daytona, YOU ROCK!!

What a great night in Daytona.! Thank you Phil Weidner and the whole staff for Main Street live. This was the best festival we have been a part of to date.! Video to come soon Shred Fans! Shout out to Outlaw Tendancies and Baa Roos.!our treasure Coast family that also tore up the stage last night.!
Thank u so much Phil.for all you do from band and i...we had a great time...festival was great.Samantha/Mickey Cunhingham and the Aftremath

We wanted to thank you for the opportunity of playing at the festival, we
had some great shows!

We hope everything went well for everybody.

Have an awesome week!

- Leo Aether


We wanted to extend our warmest appreciation to you for allowing us to
perform at Daytona's MainStreet Live Music and Art Festival. We drew a
fairly large crowd and everyone appeared to have a lot of fun. The event
itself was wonderful. We especially enjoyed the pizza cones and seeing The
Grindstone Sinners perform! We hope you enjoyed putting on the event as
much as we enjoyed playing. We hope we'll be able to return next year!

,Lies Behind Your Eyes
​Mikey Chinchilla


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for offering the opportunity to set up at last night's event in Daytona....I am happy to report that my sales were exceptionally good. In fact they were 30% better than the last time I set up at the event. My rather large Ford 250 transit cargo van is a bear to maneuver in tight spots. Thanks for the good location and helping me secure my location, after a rather bumpy start with our traffic jam....Rest assured, I will arrive earlier that the official vendor opening time in the future. Thanks again and hope to see at the next gig!

Best regards!
Joe Mattera aka "the Hot Dog Guy"


Had a blast on Saturday, please keep us informed of any events anywhere y'all have in the works, we'd like to play them.  Catfish Dinner. 

Thankyou very much for inviting me to perform at DeLand Original Music� Festival. I had a great time. While at Elusive Grape, I met the musicians before me and after me. We exchanged information after listening to each other perform. Stage 22 was so much fun! That area � was hopping with all the stages and people having fun.
I would love to play for DeLandapalooza and any other festival you can recommend. My experience was wonderful. This was my first time in DeLand and I loved it!
Thanks for taking such good care of getting me all the info I needed. It worked for me. The map, parking instructions, where to check in were all helpful.
I appreciate it.
GermaineI Like Dandelions� Peace, love and understanding...

4/11/17 DeLandapalooza
Zed Maestro THANK YOU for putting together such a worthwhile and well-run event. It is a true pleasure to have my band Bad Blood invited to perform there twice now. You are doing a great service to so many artists who are able to get noticed.

4/11/17 DeLandapalooza
We would like to thank you for inviting Phantom Phunk to participate in the
DeLand Original Music Festival & Delandapalooza. It was a magnificent event
and we can only imagine the hours of work it took to organize and produce.
The Main Stage and the Abbey Bar were great venues.

Thank you again for the opportunity and we look forward to working with you
in the future.

Hector Fontanet
Phantom Phunk
4/11/17 DeLandapalooza
I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed playing at Delandapalooza this
year.  Having an inside venue at the Abbey really made all the difference.  The guys
working sound at the Abbey also deserve a lot of credit.  They did a nice job!

Chris Ferguson
Gods of Avalon




Phil, Just wanted to say thanks for stellar spot on the Cafe DaVinci
Stage. Sound guy was fantastic and we had a a great time rock in the folks
AT that great place.

We appreciate it.
JT Keel
Big Kettle Drum

 Sun, February 12, 2017 8:27 pm
To: "MainStreet Live & Daytonapalooza Original Music & Art Festival" <daytona@ssa.cc>

Thanks for including me "Bill Surf" and congratulations on a very
successful Mainstreet Live!

The diversity and quality of original music was excellent and inspiring.

I enjoyed the Daytona folks and enjoyed being part of the flow.

Best Regards,


Bill Surf

 Mon, February 13, 2017 5:02 pm
To: "MainStreet Live

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for having us at
Daytona Mainstreet Live. Everything was so easy and so much fun. The sound
guys on both Stages we played were excellent and absolute gentlemen!

The variety of the music was awesome and we made contact with some bands we
wouldn't otherwise had a chance to play alongside or get to watch.

It was a memorable one and the band and myself are greatly appreciative of
being involved.

Thank you again

Chris Strain - The States MGMT



Just want to give you quick note on how much we enjoyed playing at this year's Daytona's MainStreet Live on Feb 11th. The location and time was perfect for us. We played on Stage 13 and had a really good audience participation. Kudos to Neptune's as well. We also made a good contact from a local radio station.

-Unicorn Wranglers



 April 12, 2016 10:28 am
To: "DeLand Original Music Festival & Delandapalooza" <deland2014@ssa.cc>

Thank you for having us at Dpalooza! We had a blast! Hope to do it next year


Stephen Kent Pigman


Mon, April 11, 2016 8:17 am
To: "DeLand Original Music Festival & Delandapalooza" <deland2014@ssa.cc>
Delandapalooza Original Music Festival! Rocked!Thank you Phil Weidner and all the crew that made this festival so awesome! You are the best!
J. Klein


 Sun, April 10, 2016 9:40 am
To: "deland2014@ssa.cc" <deland2014@ssa.cc>
Hi, Phil-
Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your staff put into the festival this year. I had an absolutely wonderful time, I'd love to be a part of it again next year. Again, thank you so much and have a wonderful day:)
-Kelly Neff

        Thank you so much for having Ascending Radius play at Delandapalooza! We had a great time and made some wonderful connections with other musicians. We are very interested in playing the festival in November if that is possible. Also thanks for all of your hard work to make this happen, I'm sure you have spent countless hours planning and emailing everyone to bring the whole thing together, I wish I could have met you in person to thank you for this awesome, inspiring experience 
   Take care and I hope to hear from you again soon,
  Jennifer Sowda

On Mar 31, 2016 8:38 PM



Really great event. Paige and the band really enjoyed themselves and from the reaction of the crowd, so did everyone else.I hope the event was successful. Thanks for inviting us. Very truly yours.  Jdk /Paige Keiner Band

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for having my band Sub Groove at this year's Delandapalooza. We arrived early and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our time there.  Your sound engineer was very professional.  We received good feedback from the crowd during our set.  
Please keep us in mind for future events.   
Best regards,

Sub Groove



Hey Phil, first of all thanks so much for all you did with the DOMF2014. We got an absolutely overwhelming response at Caf� DaVinci and had a blast. Your hard work doesn�t go unrecognized- it�s greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,


Andrew Williams Band
Thank you.
I particularly appreciate the slots you gave me that provided me with folks
that really liked what I do on stage, which, of course, is what makes it
worth it:) 

Your team was truly top notch this year!
Jim Crozier
Edgy Blues and Twisted Americana

Just a thank you for allowing me to work with you blokes over the weekend, the experience was a valuable one and I am looking forward to working with you again should you need an extra hand in the future cheers and thanks lots again.
P.   James

Thank you so much Phil, for inviting me to play. It was a great experience and very organized. I look forward to the next events with the SSA. I am sorry I did not get to meet you� hopefully next time!!! :) ritabrooke.com 

Thank you so much Phil we had a BLAST!!!!!!! dont know if we had a chance
to speak to each other, but hope to work with you again, thank you for
letting us be a part


11/17/2014Matt Hannam Thanks again Phil! Bill Metts and I enjoyed the festival. It was certainly worth the trip from Fort Myers. There was lots of great acts whom I enjoyed seeing. We need something like this in our area.



Thank you Phil for all the love and energy you put into making the festival an amazing event. Your support for local music goes unmatched! QuantumX is proud to be a part of your events.


Its always a privileged to be a a part of this great festival . We are honored to perform along side such great artists and it truely is a privalege to rock out with all the great fans who come out and rock out with you .. THANK YOU ALL see you all again soon
Steel Gypsy

This is Dave w/Sound Democracy.
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for this Saturday.
The band had a great time both listening to the music and being able to
play at both venues offered to us. I am aware of the hard work involved in
making the event work so well, and we appreciate it.
Please keep us informed of upcoming similar events. we would love to do it
A special thanks to Sarah Hancock and her crew at The Blind Pig for their
help and hospitality. A great, intimate place to play and a great group of

Thanks again,

The band and I had a great time at the festival. The response to the 
band was amazing. Dan from Cafe DaVinci immediately walked up to me 
afterwards and discussed booking the band. Thank you so much for putting the 
guys on such a great stage, and please keep us in mind for next year.

Michele (Billy Buchanan & Free Avenue)
Persevere Entertainment Group


Hope you will keep us in your next events.

Once again,  thank you.


Walking around the festival Sat nite, it was obvious how much work must have gone into the planning and implementation of such a large event. To me it is mind-boggling how you pulled it off.
I wanted to thank you and let you know how grateful we all are for what you have done and for including us.
George Bell


Thank you for all your efforts in setting up the festival.  We had a great time.

Pat Breslin
Dave Martin

Nov 6th
Just wanted to thank you for working with us on the schedule and compliment you on the job you did.  I was very impressed with the whole festival.  Your efforts were obvious.
Thanks, again.
David Green


by now, I'm sure you've heard of the successful DeLand event. At Mainstreet Grill, we had the busiest dinner shift all year I think. The country/folk band Blue Country with the female vocals and banjo/string bass players was by far the most popular for us.
Phil Martin, Mainstreet Grill

just wanted to shoot you an email and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for having me at the DeLand Music Fest. I had a great time performing and met lots of great people. I will definitely be back next year.

Thanks again, til next time take care!
-Brian Clark Miller

We had a blast, thanks for having us at your event! A BIG Thank you to Sara Rose who was so very nice and helpful. THANK YOU. Please tell her again for us. Hope you all had a great time too. Thanks again Phil.
Fire Dog Services

Thank you for all you did again for this years D.O.M.F.,and we had a great time at Issues and what a crowd that showed up.I really liked the way you handled the main stage sound people.I know how hard it is to set up all your equiptment for sound and have the weather change,but when doing this you should have the proper supplys to cover the stage and the equiptment,so not to hold up or cancel any acts.
But again you did it and keep this stage alive,dispite the weather,so hats off to you.
I look so forward to Playing the Main Stage next year,and may the rest of the year on into next year,be Great for you my Friend.

Thank you again,
Bob Lambert
In Visible Ink

Nov 5th,2011
Wanted to send you and email thanking you for SSA putting on a great event. We are looking forward to the next event put on by SSA. Thanks,

Matt Naylor Manager

Nov 6th,2011
Just wanted to send a big thanks for all your hard work leading up to and including this year's festival.  We (Milk Carton Superstars) had a great time playing and were fortunate to have a nice turnout at the Issues outdoor stage.  Only a brief drizzle during our set - but it didn't damper (or shorten) the show.  It was also great to be a finalist for one of the SSA Awards.  We got a mention on AtlasJams.com, that they were coming to the festival and planned to cover us.  I noticed they posted the day of the festival as well, encouraging folks to come out.  So that was cool.
Anyway, hope to be back next year.  Good luck with the makeup fest.
Jim Myers-Milk Carton Superstars


Congrats on what seemed to me to be a successful festival (barring the weather of course, but Hey..you can't control that right?).  Thanks again so much for allowing Anyone's Guess to be part of your show.  We had a great response from the crowd, did well at the Merch booth and were able to catch with some old friends and make some new ones

Clint Chambers-Anyone's Guess

Nov 6th,2011
Phil, you do an amazing job, and once again you have treated DeLand to a wonderful feast of talent and music. We owe you a big thanks.
Barb Shepherd, editor The Beacon newspaper


Hi Phil,
Blue Country appreciates the opportunity to participate in your showcase. Chess Park Stage is one of the most charming venues we have had the privilege of performing at. We were surprised to have a newspaper photographer present during our performance and as it turns out Blue Country apparently made the head lines in the Daytona Beach Sunday Paper. The following note was was sent to us by our bass player Linda Karlsson.

We would love to perform at the 12th Annual SSA Event in Deland or at any other venues you have in mind for bluegrass or country music.
Doug Bates and Andra Beames-Blue Country

Nov 6th,2011
On behalf of Melissa Brethauer, thank you ever so much for the opportunity for her to have been a part of the festival on Saturday. We both very much enjoyed being a part of it and really liked the experience we had there. In fact, both places where Melissa played ended up telling us they want to have her back there, which, of course, was great. Other than the folks at the main gate (Band Check-In) not being able to find anything on Melissa when we checked in (which really didn't pose any problem for us anyway), we didn't encounter any issues at all. There's no question that lots (and lots) (and lots!) of time and effort went into this. Please know that it all came together just great. Melissa (age 22) was pleased to see a number of participants in her age range, and we both will hope to be back for next year's, if the opportunity is there. I hope you can take some time to unwind from what I'm sure has been an absolute whirlwind for you. Heartfelt thanks,

Bruce W.
-Melissa Brethauer

Nov 6th 2011
sosos had a great time! all 3 sets went smoothly. We made a lot of new fans and even was asked to do an encor @ Davinci!
Much Thanks!

Chris Monteleone

Nov 6th 2011
I have to say that we had our doubts about this event-- so big, so many diverse acts that we weren't sure it was going to be worth the trip. As it turned out, we had a blast. It was a little drizzly during our first set at the Main Street Grille, but we huddled under the tent and managed to make enough in tips and cd sales to pay for the trip. Great crowd. Our favorite was our late night set at Cafe Davinci, however. Once we started, however, the place filled up and the crowd was really enthusiastic. One of the owners came over and we thought he was going to ask us to stop because our time was up. It turned out he wanted us to keep playing and brought us beers for the whole band. The crowd was dancing and kept yelling for more. We ended up that evening with offers for gigs at Davincis and two other places in the area. It was great. We are all looking forward to another trip to Deland.

Anyway, thanks again for inviting us. It was an impressive event. We enjoyed hearing other bands as well as playing for receptive audiences.

David Brain

Nov 6th,2011
Thank you Phil - great festival.
Jim Cozier


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!! For making this possible!!! For putting your everything into making this happen.
WE had such a great show and amazing turn out and I am so thankful for everything that transpired on this night for us.
This was one of the best experiences we had performance wise and my appreciation is not able to be put into words.
God bless,

Aissa Torres


Sept 15,2011
I really must say that I'm very impressed with how well organized you've got this event and am really pleased that we got involved with it. Sincerely, Bruce Wawrzyniak, President Now Hear This "Promoting Vocal Talent" www.now-hear-this.net

Nov 12,2010
Thanks for all your hard work putting the festival together.
My family, friends and I, really had a great time.
We are already looking forward to next year!
Keep me posted on other upcoming events.
Sean Weatherford

Nov 11th
The only complaint that i have is that our sound guy wasn't there during our 8:30 set at the Abbey because he had another set at another stage...lol...and his board was funky so we had a hard time getting it up.  But everything turned out okay...we figured it all out and the host apologized...the abbey was awesome!  Great crowd!!  We even got a job from a club owner in New Smyrna Beach!!!  He came in for some wine and didn't leave until we wrapped up!  This was the first time that we got to play all of our originals back to back and it was so fun and so cool to see the crowd digging it!  Beyond our set the energy at the festival was amazing and inspiring!!!  I can't believe all the talent that is out there!  It's so beautiful to hear and see different varities and styles of original music on every corner!  My ears were in heaven!  And meeting all of these muscians young and old...it was great!!  I hope to be apart of this event again next year and anything else you have to offer...especially the New York event.  I have tons of family up there and they have never heard me sing or seen me perform before.  Great job on this years festival...this was our first time and the drive from jacksonville was totally worth it!!!!!  

Kim Reteguiz-vocalist
Rocco blu
We Rock the Blues People!!  

We had a great time and were delighted to meet and work with Tom Moore at Elusive Grape. Maybe we'll see you in NYC or work with you with Summit Sept 11th. Continued Blessings to you, Daya & Chris aka Level Seven

Nov 9th, 2010
What a great job you did putting this years DeLand Original Music Festival together.I did not see any problems - and it appeared that everything was running on schedule.I had two really good sets, got recordings, met folks - totally worth the trip for me.
    Jim Crozier
Nov 9th, 2010
Thanks for everything this year. We had a wonderful time. Look forward to doing it again next year.

Scott Kinnan
Manna Machine

Nov 9th, 2010
    This was my first time at the festival. I thought it was amazing! Thanks for all your hard work.

Tom Moore
Nov 9th, 2010
Thanks for another great Deland Original Music Fest! I think this is my seventh year performing, and it was our first show after being on the road for a year. It felt great to be back! The Nest was the perfect venue for our performance, and we were happy to be part of that new venue's live music launch. See you next year! You did a superb job! Thanks again for all of your hard work!
Toni Brown & Ed Munson

    Nov 9th, 2010
It was grand! Thank you Phil for the opportunity to sing this year on the Pioneer Park Praise Stage, it was a blessed time. I look forward to next years!
Jennifer Hammond

    Nov 9th, 2010
Thanks again so much for having us out to play. We had a great time playing the Main Stage and had a very successful promotional campaign. We feel that we made a few new fans and got to meet some great people. Definitely keep us in mind for next year's event.
Thanks again,
Clint Chambers
Anyone's Guess

Nov 9th, 2010
Just wanted to thank you for having us play at the festival; had a great time. The sound was great, venues were great. We're from Jacksonville so it was very cool to be apart of the festival; there are no original music festivals in Jax to compare to what went on in Deland. Very cool. Hope to play the 11th festival.
"...I hope you're a doctor."

Nov 9th, 2010
Thank you for allowing us to play at this 10th annual D.O.M.F. 2010,and we had a great time and Deland Rocked again this year Thanks to you and your staff.
Bob lambert,
In Visible Ink

Nov 9th, 2010
This was my first time playing the fest though I have attended every year. Next year I hope to get more involved. Thank you for getting us scheduled. I had AN AWESOME DAY!
James Campbell   

Nov 9th, 2010
    I just wanted to thank you and your staff for everything at the festival. My company and I are looking forward to being a sponsor next year. We had agreat time and talked to a lot of bands as well as patrons! Everyone we came in contact with was awesome.
JD- Prosperity Financial

    Nov 9th, 2010
What awesome weekend this was 4 me. At the Deland Music Festival.121 bands, 25 stages, 12 hours of all kinds of music. My job was, 1st set up security fencing, help & over see stage setups & what ever need comes up. Phil, the Founder producer & my close friend. I was his #1 man to go to for any situation that needed attention. I had my son, Timothy & my daughter, Jessica there to help. They made me so PROUD, they did an awesome job, long hrs, no complaints. I had a great time & they told me the same. Three days I will never forget.
    Tim Marcotte/SSA Staff

Nov 9th, 2010
    Thank you so much for the show!!!! We had an awesome time at the festival

Nov 9th, 2010
I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be a part of the music festival in DeLand this weekend. My family and I really enjoyed it and I hope I can volunteer again next year! It was a great experience.

Bridget Hall

Nov 9th, 2010
First we would like to thank you so much for putting together the Deland Music Festival, we can now see how much work go's into your festival. Thank you for inviting us to play, The Republik and I along with our family and friends had a wonderful time. Our two venues, Artisan Inn and The Abbey were wonderful places to play and the staff at both were so helpful and friendly. Both venues have asked us to come back and play again very soon. I hope you and the abbey were pleased with our hosting of the stage and sound.
The Deland Music Festival is the best run festival we have performed at. We thank you and your staff for all your hard work and kindness to us. We hope you will let us perform again next year.
Also any other festivals you have coming up we would love to be a part of. Let us know the dates.
Please email us info on how to submit to the USS 7 Days and 7 Nights Spring/Summer NYC 2011
My best to you and I look forward to working with you again.
Colin Healy
The Republik

Nov 9th, 2010
The fest was totally rad, had a great time!

Nov 7, 2010
We hope the Fest was a successful one this year, and we hope to see you again next year!

Tony Tourettes

    Nov 7, 2010
Thanks for the award...we look forward to continuing to be a part of the DeLand Original Music Festival...congrats to you for keeping it going...I know how hard it is to set up and promote a much smaller event (Florida Harmonica Championships with Adam)...can't imagine the effort involved with this one...nice work!
Farley /Coyotes and Towndogs

    Nov 7, 2010
Thanks for having us at the festival. We had a good time and it went well We look forward to going next year. Perhaps we can host a stage next year.-
RandyThe New Earth Project

Nov 7, 2010
    Thanks for having us! We had and awesome time and are still stoked about winning Unique Artist of the Year! We are posting a new video from the fest every day this week at www.soulinsanity.com/blog

JB- Soul Insanity

Sept 2010
We went to the original music event last year and started falling for DeLand that night
John McLaurin-Pastor of Deltona Presbyterian Church

Nov 21, 2009

Hey there, it's Paul Atkinson from Southpaw Jr. Thank you for the opportunity to play such a rewarding and fun festival. We really enjoyed our set at Halftimes...

Nov 21, 2009
Thank you Phil for the opportunity once again, to bring rhythm into the community!!! Enjoy your holidays and peace be with you my friend. Karl Miranda


Wow - what a Festival !!!  Great !!!
Board of Directors for the Mt Dora Music Festival

Nov 21, 2009
All the thanks and appreciations belong to you Phil....great job!...and thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Please keep us in mind for Daytona or any other future events. William CapStone Band...

Thanks for the Deland Original music fest!!! I had a blast! Keep up the good work...
-Ben Prestage

I just wanted to thank you for having Saiah at this event. He enjoyed himself, as did I. Although there was a little problem at Halftimes upstairs when we got there, we managed to work around it and make it work. :) That is the good thing about Saiah being a professional audio engineer: He is able to adapt and do his own sound in the absence of a sound man. :) I welcome any upcoming event you may have or be thinking of doing. It was a pleasure working with you. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I look forward to working with you again in the future. -- Michelle Westcott President MJ West 2254 Gator Dr, #333 Orlando, FL 32807 Ph: 804.398.8134 Website: www.mjwest.net  

Hi Phil. just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful festival. it is one of the best things we do all year. i can only imagine how much work it is. Fey/Actomaticsa

Nov 21, 2009
Just wanted to tell you Becca and I had a great time last week at the Deland Festival.   we are excited to be playing together and your festival has gotten us really motivated to improve our music. take care, Sharon

Thoroughly enjoyed the festival and hosting the stage at Penacho's, in fact I'm booked there for this Saturday and Sunday.
Steve Falter

I just want to thank you and your staff for all your hard work putting together another fabulous music festival. Joe Gibran and I had a great time. Warm, friendly crowd at Penachos and a good setup by Steve. I wish we could have played a little longer, but there was a heck of a lot of music going. Kudos! Hope to do it again next year.
Sloppy Joe Malizia
Blues Guitarist
DeLand, Fla.


Another outstanding Deland Music Festival this year. I play bass for the Actomatics and I just wanted to thank you for inviting us back again and for putting us on the main stage this year. Also, please thank Jaii Hein for the amazing job he did on the sound this year (and last year) for us. He is the best. Wherever we play next year, please have Jaii do the sound for us! We're all looking forward to next year's Deland Music Festival. Rich "46" Hewitt

We had a great show at Donna's Place at the Artisan Inn.  We'll probably want to play there again next year. 
dig bADDY

Thanks again for a great 2009 DOMF. We really emjoyed running the stage at 1/2 times this year. We met some really great acts and made a ton of new friends.
Thank you for all of your hard work and effort.
Look forward to working with you again soon,
December's Shadow

Nov 16, 2009
We had such a FUN time hosting the Coffee Bistro 101 Stage and performing at the Deland Original Music Festival! Thank You for inviting us! We created a video of the Coffee Bistro 101 Stage acts and it can be viewed on YouTube at the following address: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NppKb2qxAPA Enjoy! Stay Safe and May God Bless! ROBIN AND THE GIANT (Robin MacBlane and Larry Whitler) http://www.RobinAndTheGiant.com

Nov 16, 2009
Dear SSA:
I live in DeLand.  I went to the DOMF for the second time this past weekend.   (The first time was two years ago, when I happened into the scene while walking downtown, and then proceeded to enjoy a number of the shows.)

- I thought the event was very well produced.  Those who worked hard to make the Fest a reality deserve a lot of credit.  Those who worked the show or volunteered did a great job, too, from what I could observe.  I can't believe a small town makes such an event happen.
- I think the $10 advance ticket price is incredibly reasonable, but probably about right for this town and area.
- The musicians of course were awesome!  I think I only saw 1/20th of the acts, but each one is like an undiscovered treat.  If one wasn't to my liking, I wasn't trapped - I could just move on.
- I thought the venues were well chosen.
-Scott A. Lutz


Had a great time at the Fest. Got to see some of your set at outside
w/Dana, as well as lots of other great players. What a wonderful time. I'd
love to do again next year.
> Thanks - Bob Thames
Nov 11, 2008

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and effort that obviously
went in to putting on such a great festival. (the Band formerly Known as)
Disco Biscuit had a great time as did our families and friends. In fact,
multiple people have mentioned that you should do this quarterly! I don't
think they understand the massive effort that goes into it. I do thinkthey  had a great time in a great little town with a ton of great bands. Count
us  in for next year, I believe that everyone at the Blind Pig was happy with
our professionalism, musicianship, and positive attitudes and we were very
pleased with the staff, Ed and the crowd there as well. Fun time indeed

Greg Gage of (the Band formerly Known as)  Disco Biscuit 11-07-08

The Deland Music Festival outdid itself again this year. Amazing and thanks
for all of the work you and the others put into it to make it such a great
success.  I want to especially thank the folks running sound at The Artisan outdoor
stage. My band, "The Actomatics" played on that stage and I had about 30 friends
there (some of them are musicians) and they said that was the best they ever
heard us sound and that the sound guy really knew what he was doing. The
balance was great, you could hear every instrument and voice, and there was real
good overall volume and tone. On top of that, he got us sound-checked and
ready to play in record time. Plus he made sure all the bands got their playing
time regardless of what happened before them. There was no shortening of a
band's time to try and get back on schedule.

Please pass a word of thanks to the sound crew at The Artisan outdoor stage.
They are real professionals.

Keep up the great work and I know Deland Music Fesitval is going to be even
bigger next year. I can't wait to play there again.


Rich "46" Hewitt
Bass player for "The Actomatics" 11/06/08

We really enjoyed the ssa event in Deland. In behalf of myself and all
the friends and fans that traveled, It was worth the drive.
I enjoyed the unique styles of solo performers as well as the fantastic
bands that preformed!
Thank you,
LI (little Italy) & family looking forward for future events.
Nov 08

I just wanted to say "great job-well done" to you and everyone that helped put the Deland festival together.WOW!!
Stacey and I had a great time running sound for all the really
good performers that came to our stage. Stacey and I were also really
surprised at the cool write-up we had in the Daytona News Journal
highlighting our duo, which included a nice picture of Stacey.

Carl Immeke One Sun Project 11/05/08

The festival was a Blast!!!
> Mel & the Chronics 11/5/08

Just wanted to let you know that we had a blast as always playing the
festival. Look foward to doing it next year.

> STephen
> Control_Z

I was blown away by the Festival and am so glad that you were able to give me
a slot.
> Thank you,
> Jon Parrot
Nov 5,2008

Thanks for a great festival Phil!
Greg Wald, Bucket & Strings Nov 4,2008

We had a great time at the fest. and were treated very well. Thank you for all of your hard work and organization
Eric with Arms Harbor Nov 4,2008

thanks for a great festival!
graham diveplane Nov 08

Thanks for everything. The fest went great and we hope to do it again next year. If you have any other festivals or anything else let us know.
Jon Parrot- Nov 08

The DOMF was a great experience start to finish. I had to play a private party later in the night in Orlando so couldn't see as much of the other performers this year as I'd have liked, but saw some great stuff nontheless. Dish and 3 Bucksworth in particular were pretty impressive, and the sound was great as well.
Cheers and thanks for a great time,

Stephen Grace
Nov 3rd 2008

I wanted to thank you for letting us be a part of the festival. We had a great time and heard some incredible acts is the process.  Many positive things came from our experience. We hope that you will consider us for next years events also. Our whole band would love to attend. Thanks so much for all of your hard work! We know how much it takes to run these type of events. Take care

Whitney Hogan 
Nov 3rd 2008

Thanks for including me in the Christmas concert.  It was a fine evening of music built on your hard work and Dana's, and it seemed as if everyone appreciated the musical diversity. Dan.
Dan Gribbin

Thanks again for the invite last night for the Holiday SSA Show - I'm grateful I was able to join you all. 
Doug Halper

We had a wonderful time perfroming at the Christmas Concert.  Contact us any time, we will be more than happy to take part in what you are doing.
Faye henderson

Another great festival!  Thanks again for all the hard work that you and Dana do. 
Bing Futch

We had a great time at the Festival this Year, thanks

Mel & the Chronics

We had a great time at the festival; thank you for including us in the
line-up.  Our stage at Caffe dA Vinci courtyard was fabulous!  The stage
team was superb in helping and supporting us.  We enjoyed everyone we
heard play.

Thanks again,
Colin Menzel
The Apple Blossoms

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all you did to put on the Deland festival last weekend.
I’d never been to one before and was very impressed. I am very grateful for being included in the lineup this year.
I look forward to possibility of returning to play again next year.
Take care.

Rick Hartig



We enjoyed the music festival very much last weekend. It was great, we loved that it was outdoors, and that it had such a good turnout. We will definitely be there again next year.Jeff & Karen Postle

We enjoyed the DeLand Original Music Festival very much and hope to attend next year.  We thought that the festival was well run and offered a good variety of music and venues.

Bob and Marcia Hudgins


Had a great time, heard some great artists between my sets (Juddy Mac, Bing Futch of course, Yvonne and Logan, etc.). Instantly installed my award on the top of my piano, beautiful stuff. Thanks for everything.

Stephen Grayce


I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to the SSA. Thank you so much for the opportunity to belong to a community of such talented individuals. To be counted among them truly humbles me, but then to be voted Songwriter of the Year staggers my comprehension. There are so many other deserving artists and to be granted this honor truly makes me thankful. I had a wonderful time at this years festival. The weather was beautiful and the fans of music came out and loved it. Yvonne and I remarked at how many more people we noticed milling around and taking in the sights and sounds. Great performances were plentiful and no one, i think, went away disappointed. Again, thank you, thank you for everything and thank you to anyone and everyone who voted. Music is what keeps me going and it's cool to see that so many other people believe in that as well. As always...
Logan Belle

we had a great time. thanks so much

the black noise

On behalf of myself and the guys in the band "Art Carter & Nothing But Trouble" we had a great time playing at the Deland Music Fest. It was nice to be able to just play our originals because usually for a 3 to 4 hour gig we have to mix in cover songs. We got a very positive response from playing only originals, and it was nice to see that my song "Somebody Stop Me" was a Finalist for Song of The Year :)

Art Carter


Thanks for including us in this wonderful event! We enjoyed it, and were happy to see so many old and new fans there to support our set!
Toni Brown & Ed Munson


I had a blast and look forward to next years fest!.
Andy Dubois


We appreciated the opportunity to play the music fest this year, we had a great time!!  There seemed to be a lot of people out everywhere which is great, a great turn-out!!  Thanks again and let us know when you have something else coming up that you need a ska/reggae band! hehe
Tony Tourettes


Jeannie with Sleepin' Dogz again.  I just wanted to thank you one last time for everything.  Cheers to you for yet another successful festival...BRAVO!   Looking forward to next year.



I just want to let you know that our gig at the Abbey went well, and my
guitarist Simri Dones and I had a great time.
Please keep me informed of other things going on with SSA.


Art Carter

It is amazing, the opportunity that you provide for all of us, and I admire you SO MUCH for doing it.  THANK YOU for all that you are constantly doing to improve the world of the likes of me.  I sincerely hope that I can return the favor some time, some way.
All my love to you and Dana,


I just wanted to drop a note to say I had SUCH a good time, and it really
felt organized, energetic, and fabulous this year... I wish I could've
stayed to hear more stuff, had to head back up to these here mountains, but
the trip for me was well worth it! And I love the awards, they are
absolutely gorgeous!
Until next year - with love to you and Dana too,

Amy Steinberg


Thanks, Phil--we had a great time.  I don't know how you do it but I'm
grateful that you do!  Can't wait until next time.
Thanks again

Mel & the Chronics


Thanks for all the hard work and for including Cryptic Vision in the festival. It was a surprise and really a boost to win Album of the Year. We'll see you soon and if you guys are doing any booking services, we would be very interested in learning more.

Sam Conable
Cryptic Vision


Thank you for including us in the line-up of the Deland Original Music Festival.  We hope it was a big success for the organization.  Apologies for being unable to do our 9pm slot on stage 1a.  They were running behind, and we were on a tight schedule, so we talked with the sound man.  Our not playing actually helped him to begin to get things back on schedule.  Just wanted you to know what happened.  We enjoyed doing our set on the Indiana acoustic stage.  The people running it were very nice, very helpful.

Take care and thanks again,

Lee & Arvid

Hey Phil, I’m hoping the fest went better than ever—seemed like it did. That plywood stage really enhanced the Pioneer Park site and with my extenders on the EZ up (10’ x 10’) it worked out perfect. The reason for this mail though is just to thank, thank, thank, from the bottom of my heart the folks who took away all the worry I had about setting up and breaking down… Jesse, James, Nathan, Jeff, Kay, Rodney, Dana, you, and others… I really thank you and them for that, and it makes me proud to be part of the org. you have cultured….hats off to you, man!
Charlie Gear

I wanted to thank you so much for the Keyboardist/Pianist of the Year Award.  I apologize for missing the award ceremony, but really appreciate the award just the same.  I am becoming a firm believer in the SSA and just want you to know I am here for support in anything you do

I'm looking forward to next year, and getting involved again!  I really enjoyed the Deland Music Festival this year, and see it growing as well.  Keep up the great work and thank you again for a beautiful trophy!  I would love to meet you in person some day!

Mark Moore


hey man we had a great time at the festival thanks for putting it all on. there were alot of good bands
thanks alot!
James Killgallon/No Circus

Thanks for all you do...you and Dana deserve so much more for the work you put in to this Fest. Many peeps were happy...and musicians, which can be hard to please.

Terry- The Transfers

 You did a hech of a job this year man. I wish I was available for more work for you. But the band had to gig. I am very proud to work for you and with you Phil as a lot of us are. I have dedicated my home page for you with hopes that we can somehow promote and work together in promoting music. Your are an icon in the community and you make a difference all of your staff. Great job and thanks for giving us all a chance.
Ed McCurdy Music Deland

Thanks again for all you do for music in FL.  We had a great time playing and seeing all the bands we could see.  Jason and the Exit 6 guys were a pleasure to work with. Good luck w/ all your future endeavors.  You're a breath of fresh air in an industry overrun with back-biting and bullshit.Our sincerest appreciation,

Larry & Holidaysburg

Thank you for all your hard work Phil.  I had an absolute blast, and a great experience.  Thank you and SSA for my Lyricist of the Year award.Thanks again Phil for putting on this great event, good luck to you.
Brandon Reynolds 

this was my first year at Deland. My friend Austin Church who also performed turned me on to it. It was great - we all had a blast! I will be there again next year.


Thank you so much for the opportunity for Dummo play at the music fest. We had a GREAT time! What you do is a GREAT thing! We will apply again next year but next time we will be there for more volunteer work because we saw how much you needed it. Thanks again!
Gail M Smithson

AcoustiCon would also like to thank the SSA for all the effort that was
put into the DeLand Original Music Festival.
What a great event for promoting original music. It is greatly

I would like to thank you for supporting the 18th Annual Halifax/Indian River Cleanup, which was held on April 1, 2006.
The music you arranged for the event was wonderful. All the groups sounded great and   provided excellent entertainment for our celebration of the event.
We had a total of 666 volunteers who removed 18.93 tons of debris from the Halifax and Indian Rivers.
We look forward to your participation next year and even more success in keeping our environment clean and the wildlife safe.

Cara McCallister
Volusia County Environmental Management
Restoration Research Associate

Just wanted to write and say CONGRATS on the Festival, it was a LOT of fun...tons of great energy... thank you so much...

Amy Steinberg-10-05

thanks Phil and gang, we like our award just the way it is! we "bastards" are very proud, honored, and grateful to you all for all the hard work and the great festival you have put together. this was my third time performing and it's more fun every time! special thanks to Charlie Gear and Jay Smith for their help on stage and sound . . . also steve's downtown and (and Charlie at Dublin Station) just for being there, thanks again and we look forward to next year!
"The Bastards" Terry Kelly and Mike Runion (sometimes Malina)

Dear Phil and staff!

thanks so much for the venue and all the hardwork!  we had a great time and met some great folks!  looking forward!1
Mama Knows Best Mgmt

ALL HAIL PHIL, CREATOR OF AWESOME FESTIVALS!!! Great job, Leo and I had an incredible time. Our puppy Melody says "woof!", which means, "Thanks Phil, it was better than a milk bone!" ~peace~ Jeannie & Leo Sleepin' Dogz http://www.sleepindogz.com or http://www.4scmusic.com


Thank you and all who work with you ,for this award I received for my dads song To Be Like You.

I am realy suprized to have won it knowing that there were alot of other great songs entered.And we realy liked playing our show last night at the Half time there in deland.The guy who owned the sound system did a great job.

Rob -Invisible Ink


Thank you for a wonderful 5th Deland Music Festival.  I appreciate everything you have done for all of us.


Cori Cochrane


Thank you again for such an amazing festival. The OBMF was an experience
that will stay with me for ever. The venue and stages were epic, the music
was perfect, mother nature was a bitch, and the county was exactly what
we're expecting------A buch of LOSERS!!! with nothing better to do. Seems
like if your not part of bike week or spring break, than your not shit in
Volusia. Sorry about my complaining, I'm sure you've delt with enough. It
was truley amazing how you handled everything. You deserve a big fat
vacation after something like that. The Recipe definitly owes you, we'll
cook you dinner or something.

Rob Soviero
-Cadillac Recipe

just wanted to say thank you again for having us!!! hope there is nothing but
sunshine the next time you have an event
love, luck and respect,

kobie j.


I just wanted to say thanks for doing all you do to help musicians and music in general. It is very much appreciated, even though I bet it often feels like it isn't sometimes... Of course thanks also to Dana, Rodney, Michelle, Debbie, and all the rest...

I think you have the seed of a very good idea in that festival.

Thanks again,    Charlie Gear

I just want to tell you what an awesome job and
service you're doing for songwriters in this area

Robert Sulivan 7-04

            Thanks so much for letting me sing at the OBMF. Everyone was so nice. You out-did yourself in making everyone feel welcome. Looking forward to working with you again.

                                        Sincerely, Martina Cline/Martine Baker

Hey Phil,  I would like to thank you for Letting us perform at the event,Sorry the turnout went the way it did, We the band

We were happy to play on the Stage rather the Shed that was scheduled for us, hope things work out for you in the future $$$

I hope we can use you as a reference and we will continue to support local musicians on our journey.

We are always Ready to Perform,anything comes up in the future, let me know...    thanks Phil !       Furg

the beachside live gig was awesome for me...we all had a blast. sorry to hear you got rained out saturday though.  we have a few pics that i will email to you as well. you and dana did a great job. that was obviously a ton of work. i totally appreciate it.  please feel free to pass along my cds or use em on compilations or whatever.  i really feel like the ssa is moving forward very nicely.  i cant wait to see what you guys get into next. 
Eric Groves 6-20-04

The beachside Live festival was a MONUMENTAL undertaking and nothing that massive is going to be 100% glitch-free.  We were scheduled to play outdoors but had to move indoors because of rain.  But, we had a place to play and we had a great time playing at Bernkastel's. The staff there were just terrific.  The one suggestion we have is that when venues have taped/cd type music playing over outdoor speakers, they be asked to turn it off so if a band is playing indoors, they can still be heard by patrons outside the venue if the venue doors are left open.  Other than that,  it was great and we are really glad we participated. 

Keliah 6-22-04

Thank you so much for all the work you and the SSA put into the festival. (Beachside Live)  We had a blast! 
Laura Fuller, Meredosia

Thanks for allowing us to play at Beachside Live!  We had a blast.  and I'm looking forward to the next festival.
Mel- Mel & the Chronics 6-04

We are proud to be members of one of the finest and truly sincere artist based organizations around.
Being members of several musical organizations, we are thrilled that you really do promote the artist and their original sounds for the public to experience.
Thank you for all the hard work and unselfish efforts.
Your successes are the real truth be told. We have found our home among great musicians who not only are gifted and talented but support each other many times over.

Ms Eli and Guitah Bill Perras
In Deland
Bill & Eli - 5-04

Once again, let me say that you guys did an incredible job of putting it all together.  I was really impressed with how smoothly everything seemed to run--I'm sure when you're on the inside doing all that you did it must seem like complete craziness, but from an outside perspective, you all pulled it off beautifully.   Thanks for all of the hard work and late hours you spent, and Dana and Michelle too.  We had a great time and were really proud to be a part of the show.  And all of our friends who came out really enjoyed the evening, too. I heard nothing but positive feedback.
Tina Gordan/Gailforce-9-03

I just wanted to thank you for letting us be part of the music awards.  The
sound guys and stage hands were amazing to work with, very helpful and
professional.  The whole thing was organized very well and seemed to go off
great!  Nice job.  You should have seen the look on our faces when we won
that award!  Thanks! 
Consider This 9-03


I just wanted to say again thank you so much for the beautiful award and all of the time you put into it!!! The Award Show was so nice and everything went off flawlessly! Everyone that came with us was very impressed at how professional everything was and I know you and Dana put a heck of a lot of work into it!



I am so glad that I found your organization! If it were not for the article in the newspaper I would have never found you! We just got back from the 3rd annual SSA show. There were many memorable moments tonight. Some of the most wonderful vignettes are:
Stephany, good powerful sound, good song,
Michael Barry, nice sound blend, great vocals,
Logan Belle was terrific, and a nice solid band.
The Vocatio, had an interesting retro feel, and good vocals
Dan Walter, had great presence, great guitar and vocals.
Gailforce was an outstanding performance tonight.They were on. Great vocal blend, great song.
Acousticon was a masterpiece. This groups sound and musicianship was absolutely excellent in every way, and the song was fantastic.
Amy Steinberg, what a talented talented voice, and a fun song, an excellent theatrical performance.
Consider this had great vocal blends, and I love the look of the midi violin
Mark Chiriboga, What can i say, his song made me cry. It was excellent.
During the Guitar Bizarre, I didnt catch the name of the guy, but the one who was playing acoustic guitar. His tapping, sliding, and guitar musicianship was absolutely stunning. His mix was off, too tinny, but even so, you can tell quality, and i want to hear more of this guy.
The Electric guitar player with the long hair during the guitar bizzare was terrific too, it was fun to watch him really get into the mood of the music.
I had to chuckle when Milka came up there for the award. She pretended to drop the award on her toe. A funny moment.
Also, Rich the Sales Guy's award was touching, and well done.I like how he acknowledged Philip Weidner and shared the kudos.
People I want to see play:
Serina Jung
Shawn James
Lisa Firestone
Josh Brookoff
Mark Chiriboga
Jeff Coffey
Thank you for a memorable evening! We had a very nice time,so glad we decided to do something different, and I bought a few CD's to listen to.

Thanks again,
Gail Carson 9-03

Thank you once again for letting me be part of such a wonderful event. It was so well put together this year! And I have to say those awards are the coolest things I've ever seen...and I've got one!!! Thank you very much for all you do for all the artists out there.

-Stephen Currence 9-03

What an amazing night!I had SO much fun and felt super honored.Thanks so much. Please let me know when you want me to play other gigs and stuff, I'm honored to be songwriter of the year!!!!!
-Amy Steinberg 9-03

It was my pleasure to see such a great and original line up (SSA 3rd Annual Music Awards). Some of
the acts were quite a treat! The Vocatio gets best of show from me. I
really dug your jam at the end, too.
Dave Mann/funkUs 9-03

What a show indeed! I had about 10 people with me and they all thought the show was excellent
and already are making reservations for next years tickets. The show had a very high shock factor for me personally, and i thank the ssa for it's unconditional dedication to original music, but thank Phil personally for his committment and for setting an example that teaches us all the true meaning of dedication.

I am very glad to be a member of the ssa, but more proud to know you all as friends!


I just wanted to say thanks again for including us Saturday night. We were all very impressed at how smoothly you had the whole event going! You've got a great thing going there and I'm sure it's only going to get bigger with each year. Thanks again Phil and let me know the details about the Deland fest whenever you get the chance. We look forward to it.
M-Pulse 9-03

Hey Phil:
I had no idea how it might feel to have recognition for my work. I had come to disregard some of those old songs as water under the bridge. Still, I knew the songs on Traveler Of The Wind could hold their own and were, in a way, timeless. I dug out the copyright on All I Could See Was You...it was 1975...I wrote it in 1973, thirty years ago. I had to wait a long time.
I wanted to thank you for being the force behind songwriters Showcases & Dana too. It is such a needed force in our songwriters community. It gives writers like me exposure I'd simply never get otherwise.
I came home after the awards and listened to All I Could See again in a new light, knowing that a lot of other folks really like it enough to award me for the effort. I hadn't listened to Traveler in months. I had critically picked it apart. I knew all the obstacles I had to overcome to get it made. I knew all its weaknesses. In truth, I'd ceased to enjoy it until I realized that other people valued it. Then I rediscovered the joy which had caused me to write it.
That little pyramid will be a treasure to me, keeping me mindful that my work has not gone unnoticed.
It feels very good to receive some recognition for my work...Thanks.
I look forward to the Deland fest.........
All the best...Johnny McKenzy 9-03

To all of our new fellow musical friends.......
We want you to know how thankful we are to have been a part of such a wonderful event. We won in many ways besides just being nominated. We felt connected to others who understand our appreciation and deep concern for these times past and present. Who appreciated what we try and convey to others through our lyrics and musical style. Thank you to all of you that went the extra mile and told us you liked what we did. It really means more to us as artist than any of you will ever know. The camaraderie was wonderful as well as the sincere compliments that our music does have a place of recognition. Each of your performances was outstanding and compelling and simply proves if we all work together no matter how we express it we all can make it a better place. And touching the hearts of one person is all it takes.
And guys /gals alike you touched allot of hearts and minds by all the open compliments I heard personally from many in the audience.
Since my two girls, now grown young woman were able to be there for the first time and share in the event, just made it more special for my husband Bill and myself. Thank you to Dave Grooms [ Rockledge] our mandolin/harp player for his personal sacrifices to be there with us succeeding once again to complete and compliment our musical presentation. Being a full time musician this isn't always possible. We love you buddy!
Another big thank you goes out to all the soundman who can make or break an event and did you guys surpass the mark. Thank you so much for taking our simple acoustic sounds and turning them into a miniature masterpiece. To all the stage hands who worked so hard to see that everything ran smoothly and on time. Which many times often isn't the case. To Phil and Dana and all the gifted speakers of the night, who presented each individual artist in the best possible description of his or her chosen music style, leaving an audience ready to enjoy what was to entertain them next, a big heartfelt thank you!
We hope we can and will be a part of this organization and other up and coming festivals, and musical events for many years to come.

Singing it from the heart;and making a difference where ever we can,
Bill & Eli 9-03

Thanks for a great time last night and the opportunity to play
at the awards. I consider it a great honor to have played there
....Dave Grooms 9-03

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Dana for putting on such a
wonderful show! I feel blessed to have gotten to know the both of you and to
be part of an organization that supports original music.
It was amazing to see everyone perform (especially people I'd never heard of
and was amazed by like The Vocatio - they were AWESOME!),

You and the staff really outdid themselves....that was a great night and I'm so thankful to all of you. (and also special thanks for taking care of that seating prob at the last minute).... BTW, your MTV song is awesome!

The night has to rank as my best ever music night.... Again thanks for all you do....
Charlie GEAR 9-03

I wanted to say thank you for again letting me participate in The Deland Origianl Music Festival 2002. It was wonderful to see the growth of the whole organization. Like last year we were a baby crawling and this year we were an 8 year old sprinting just as fast as we could! I was tremendously impressed both with the organization of the fair as well as the visual layout of the main stage area. I am honored to have been asked to represent SSA on the radio and can't thank you enough for that opportunity. Although, I really didn't leave the acoustic room much, I met so many nice people and musicians I hadn't met before. Anyway, as I'm sure it's said to you many times after an event and not enough before....Thank you.

Stephen Currence


Thank you so much for helping obtain the great musicians last week for our
interview.  We look forward to doing the same again next year!  I hope it
helped increase attendance, thanks again!
(in reference to the 2002 DeLand Music Fest)

--Vic DeVore, Morning Show Producer
Magic 107.7, WMGF-FM


Just wanted to let you know we had a good time this past Saturday
Thanks for having us.

Joeseph /Hindu Cowboy's


we here at FORTITUDE CENTRAL would like to say thank you very much for letting us play the deland music fest. although we were low in numbers, we had a great time. we had a great sound guy, the fellow musicians were totally cool, and the event staff were very helpful. this was a great time and we'd hope to be a part of this again next year.

thank you again,


To the folks at Songwriters Showcases of America!
   What an incredible night you all put together last night!  Absolutely incredible!  It must have been a scheduling nightmare, but everything went so smoothly!, the talent amazing!, the energy soaring!, the sound system perfect!, and the sense of comradery amongst the performers (not competition)  joyful! - thank you!!  And besides the wonderfulness of all that you brought together,  I met people that I hadn't seen in years, ate in restaurants that I'd always had wanted to try, and visited shops that I hadn't even been in before!  The whole night was an adventure!      Thank you for initiating a positive, invigorating experience for Deland!   I hope it's an adventure that can continue for many years to come!  You guys are the best!
       Donna Reynolds/Lake Helen resident


Every year your gigs get better and better.  Thanks for letting me be a part of that!!
Lisa Fiirestone

GhostBox and I had a wonderful time at the festival. We played to a large
crowd, who loved every second of the show. I was able to check out a few
other bands, and it seemed everyone was having a great time.

If I had to complain about anything, I would have to say... Stage 12, The
Temple of Time? This was no place to have a show of any type. The
temperature of that room was close to unbareable.
On the other hand, like I said, we had a good crowd who enjoyed the show, so
thank you for the chance to play.
Thanks again,
C/O GhostBox

That was one of the most fun sets of my life!
(In reference to the deland fest -2002)
Dan Walters

I've done many festivals in the past in different cities, but this was one of the most enjoyable ones.  I thank you, for your hard work, your efforts, your energy and the wonderful people that assisted you in creating a great creative venue for all of us to share our talents.  It was such a joy, to be able to listen to the different talents that are here in Florida.  The variety - totally amazed me!  Every band was uniquely talented in what they had to offer; from the single acts, to the duo's, to the bands; country, heavy metal, rage and rock.  Thank you for allowing us to showcase our talent in a great way.

Jann Childers/All Lit Up

Thank you again for making it possible for all of us to participate in such a wonderful event, and for bringing recognition and honor to the original musicians of the area. It was a great event, and was done beautifully. You and Dana, and all the others who worked so hard really deserve kudos.
Linda Flynn 6/11/02

Just wanted to say thanks again for putting on the coolest show I've ever been a part of.   I really do appreciate all support and hard work you guys put into keeping the songwriting going. It was truly awesome.
Pugsley 6/10/02

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I was to perform at the show, and
how wonderful the event went. It was very organized and decorated
beautifully. It was very exciting. How lucky us local musicians are to have
the SSA  putting together events - it is truly inspiring.
Thank you again, and I look forward to next year and all the events in
between!!! :)
Lorynn*~ 6/09/02

The show was great! I was there last year as well. It great that there's a
venue like this for local musicians. You put a lot of effort into the show, it was appreciated! One comment from an "outsider":
- I'd suggest that there would be a limit to the number of categories that a
person/group would qualify for. It seemed that certain performers were up
for ever other category. Once again, great show! A friend who I brought along said to me something to the effect of: I didn't know that something as cool as this was happening
around here! Thanks again,
Marten 6/10/02

BRAVO!! What a FABULOUS show that you ALL put
together last night. I was blown away by all that wonderful music, and so happy that I had an opportunity to hear people I had not heard BEFORE last night. The awards were just perfectly given for everyone involved.
Loree Taylor 6/10/02

Wow - you so floored the attendees at this show. I am honored and privileged to have been a part of it. Thanks for your tremendous support for songwriters in central Florida (and beyond!). No more playing small....you're a true class act. ...you guys are going places!!
lisa firestone 6/10/02

My compliments on doing such a professional job on the ceremony. It really speaks volumes for your organization.
Bob Panek, Leading Media 6/17/02


I thought the show was awesome. I didn't know quite what to expect.And I'm guessing that there were a fair number of people in the crowd who had only been to a few ssa concerts.&nbsp;&nbsp; At first I was thinking the show would be more about the awards. But as the show got going, I realized that the awards were just the excuse to showcase the best of the best of SSA. The music was excellent. You could tell that the performers were very grateful for what the SSA has done for them.
John Weidenr 6/15/02

Your organization puts off a good vibe, and the band has had nothing but a good time in our gatherings with the SSA.
4/01/02 Russel-Golddminers


I just wanted you to know how often I have thought of the fine Christmas Concert at the Casements.  It has carried me through the Christmas season feeling renewed and inspired.  I am always so amazed at the talent out there. 
Loree Taylor 12-28-01


Thank you folks for all your efforts & support for the local music scene.
On behalf of the Coyotes & Towndogs, we had a great time & appreciate
the venue & technical support at the main stage.
I wish I could have been more help throughout the evening, but was unavailable
due to the bands schedule. Wishing you both lots of luck & many successes with your future projects. Thanks again!! 
Coyotes & Towndogs 10-09-01

Thanks so much for all you have done for the SSA.
The Deland festival was a very nice event, and I
appreciate you having me play at it.
SussieCool 10-09-01

You guys did it again! You did an incredible job on the festival. I hope
you guys realize the magnitude of some of the things you think up and then
manage to make real. It is truly amazing! And the appreciation for what
you do is out there. You may not hear it a lot, but it is there.

Just wanted to thank you for having me out to the
festival. I'd have to say that it was one of the most
memorable events that I have ever participated in. 
I've never played in a venue that had so much mood and
vibe. Thanks again on an amazing evening. I would
love to take part in anything the SSA puts on. Be
Ron Irizarry 10-2-01

I also wanted to say that I enjoyed playing at the Fest as well 
as watching the other acts play their music. I''ve never been to Deland 
before, but the vibe that I felt upon stepping out of my car was 
Bryan Stuckey/Inward Elusion 10/02/01

Lots of fun! The weather couldn't keep the spirit down. It was just awesome to walk around after our set and hear music coming from practically everywhere. Very cool. We want to thank you again for letting us take part.

Larry-Popsicle Dynamite 10-02-01


You can add this email to the many thanks that you have probably been
receiving. Thanks so much for organizing such a smoothly running event. We
got to play on two of the stages and were very impressed with how easy it
was to do. With so many bands involved, you would think there would be lots
of room for problems and head-butting and whatnot, but things were better
than cool. I attribute it all to the organization, so GREAT JOB!! I don't
think I can wait a whole year to do it all again, though! :^)

Really, you should capitalize on this success. It's my opinion that this
event is being and will be talked about very favorably for some time,
leaving lots of people who regret not showing up. The attendance will
double next time, if it's soon, and it will keep doing so every time you can
muster the strength to do so with successive hits. Perhaps it's not
necessary to do it as large as you did so soon, but I definitely hope you
are planning to cook up some kind of SSA event to bring people out again
soon. I know it's really hard and time consuming, but if you can do this
consistantly, Central Florida won't know what hit 'em, but it would
definitely benefit us all!! And, of course, if you can pull the numbers,
the sponsors would come running, too... In my opinion, the SSA is one of
the first local music organizations I've ever seen in this area that has
major potential.

Keep up the good work!
Dave Mann

p.s. The compilation CD sounds great, too.

Thanks for having me twice yesterday... I know the rain didn't help to make it an amazingly populated event (DOMG 2001), but I think those who were there had a wonderfully beautiful day! Hope to work with you again.
Amy Steinberg 10-04-01

I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to take part in a wonderful
artistic experience. The fact that in 8 different places, for 12 hours of
the day, anyone could walk in and hear local artists play everything from
back-hills folk to all out rock to christian pop was just a wonderful thing
to be part of. Thank you so much.
Stephen Currence 10-02-01

Congratulations guys! You pulled it off. I think people had a really good time and there will be quite a lot to work with if you do it again. Good job.
Joe McCarthy 10-04-01

Just wanted you both to know that I enjoyed myself in Deland. Considering 
the weather, I think we had a pretty good turn-out for a first-time affair. 
I'm sure the folks in Deland will take SSA much more seriously next year 
because we did have 'presence' in their little town after all. I met some 
really cool musicians and songwriters too. That was fun. 

Serina Jung !0/05/01

Despite the slow start due to weather, I thought the Deland Fest was a wonderful success. I hope the local establishment owners and vendors had good success as well.
I think you, and the others who helped organize the event, are to be commended for a job well done.
I had a blast.
Mark Chiriboga 10-02-01

Just wanted to say thanks for hooking us up with the opportunity to play House of Blues. We had a lot of fun.  The SSA is a damn cool thing. I've been telling quite a few of my friends who are musicians or in bands about it. 

Popsicle Dynamite 6/21/01

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the show last night. Thanks for letting me take part. I am very interested in anything upcoming you may have open so just let me know! 
Amy Mullins 5/30/01 @L&F

"I don't think I got the chance to tell you that you did such a wonderful job with the awards show. It was a blast and I think it went over very well. The SSA has grown so much and I am very happy to be a part of it,"
Crickette 6/3/01

"Just writing to say how impressed I was with the award show. It really showed how much time you put in. You should do the Grammy's next year! Really enjoyed being able the hear the nominees music when they were announced. I didn't think it would have been possible to setup every act so quickly. Rodney was really on the ball. Anyway it was well worth the money and I hope next time it's a sellout. I sat in the middle of the audience and the enthusiasm stayed high the whole four hours. The presentation was very professional. Great job!"
Dean/Audience Member 5/29/01 

"The SSA awards show was a wonderfully done production and I am proud to have been part of it. You and Dana deserve a lot of credit for all your hard work. Due to your efforts, the Central Florida songwriters are pulled from their individual worlds into a community that works together ." 
Asli Walker 5/29/01

"I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done! (Awards Show 2001) I have never seen a group of people work so well together. The stage was handled with such attention that it showed true caring on the part of the whole crew. The guitar room was organized and the gentleman made us all feel at ease leaving are guitars alone in the room. He was very helpful and was there for anything we might need. I have been involved with so many shows where the crew could care less about the artist and their performance. Rodney was amazing! He kept things together so well on stage we didn't feel like we had to double check everything he did. He also did a great job being able to separate himself from the mayhem and play his butt off on the guitar! (where do you find these people?) You and Dana truly are a blessing to the music community. The things you are doing have got to help. Somebody is going to have a beautiful future in music because of the SSA. I am sure it will come back to you. Phil, thank you......for giving us all a spot in the light. Everyone has something to share if given the opportunity. And because of the SSA you've made it possible.

 Sincerely yours, Brad Sayre
"AcoustiCon" 05/22/01

"I  wanted to send a special "thank You" out to you for the incredible show you put on. It isn't often that there are people in this world who have the determination and strength to see their dreams manifest. You are a true visionary and that awards show was one of the best examples of the impact of your dreams. I, and others like me, thank God that you are blessed enough to spearhead and champion the cause of the Singer/Songwriter. Your efforts are not wasted. Don't ever think that you don't make a difference, because you do. As for me, I'm still in shock and I feel truly grateful for the honor bestowed upon me. From someone who believes that all gifts of this sort should be recognized, I feel the warmest and heartfelt appreciation for this. My sincerest thanks to you and your organization."

Logan Belle 05/22/01 


"Just wanted to especially thank You, Dana & Rodney for
the wonderful opportunity that your organization has
provided. Best of luck for the future of the SSA and I
hope to be a part of the family for a long time

Tracey Piergross 5/21/01


"Great job! for your first awards show you really put together a professional package of artistry. I have been a member of many many associations, and I was pleased to see a lack of politics in your awards ceremony.. Pat yourselves on the back.. toot your horn(s) and bang a big steel drum.. KUDOS!!" 

Lenorre McHugh of Lost & Found 5/01/21

 "well, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to perform at the show,
im glad it was such a big success... its such a wonderful thing you are
doing for us musicians..." it was alot of fun! :) 

Lorynn 5/21/01

"Congratulations on a terrific event! (awards show) Saturday was a lot of fun."

John Korbell 5/21/01

You "guys" did a fabulous job with the awards show Saturday night! You have truly accomplished a lot. Your efforts have provided a great deal of positive energy, drive and movement to area musicians. Please keep moving forward.

Chuck Harn 5/21/01

I was really honored to be a part of the Awards Show - THANK you... you did a spectacular job!!

Lisa Firestone 5/21/01

"Thanks for all your help and time Phil. We all had a great time playing at the awards show and it was definitely a huge success. I'm happy for you and the SSA overall. It's really starting to come together." 

Tony Cuchetti and Casual Folklor 5/21/01


We had a blast!!! Thanks again for inviting us...we'd love to do it again sometime. (L&F Show)

Jason Domulot & The Sonic Mole Chasers 4/28/01

Thanks again for the invite for the SSA Performance. We really appreciate the extra exposure. You are doing a fine service to the music scene, it is appreciated.

theDiligents 4/26/01

I just wanted to take a moment and let you both know how much I appreciate you letting us be involved with the SSA. It has been so much fun being able to interact with so many talented and truly gifted musicians. It has also allowed us to get our foot in the door to some new venues. It has been very 
helpful.  So thanks again. I speak for the whole band when I say that we are honored to be friends of your organization and hope to be for a long time to come. Thanks again....

Michael LaSage
Beautiful Mess 04-03-01


we had so much fun at lost and found,
SSA rocks!

"where's moo"
brad,john, jocelyn, michael:) 03-31-01


Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity. The venue is great and we enjoyed ourselves. What you are doing for the music community is awesome.  
Eden 03-01-01

We had a great time playing there! ( Lost & Found) We would definitely love to be a part of it again.
Burnout Yellow-02/03/01

The SSA Showcase was a huge success and one of our best performances to date. Thanks so much to everyone who attended, to Lost and Found, and SSA! We look forward to working with L&F and SSA again very soon.
Weszt- 02/02-01

Thanks again for the opportunity. We all really enjoyed it!
The Lisa Firestone Band 2-02-01-

 I just wanted to write you and let you know Jeff and I are glad we went up to the Dome the other night...it was a lot of fun and I am glad we joined the SSA...we are both for everything you guys stand for, and we are willing to help out in any way we can...Thanks
Ric Tomasi of "beantown" 1/08/01


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your showcase. It's always an enjoyable experience.
Michele Lane 12/29/00

Once again, thanks for all you do and please keep me posted as to future SSA events where I can participate...
Brad Yates, 12/09/00

Nice web sight ...... your doing a very impressive job ... just wanted to say how much you and your crew are appreciated.
-Shawn James, 12/09/00


I had a great time last night! I really enjoyed all the other
acts and had a lot of fun myself on that big wonderful
stage! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.  

Kayonne Riley,12/01/00


We are already starting to receive such positive feedback from last nights show that you just can't put a price on! Please keep up the great work with SSA as you truly are opening doors for many unheard artists and isn't that what its really all about ?Once again thanks for letting us play!
Butch Calkins-Beautifulmess, 12/01/00


"I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, the SSA has been such a positive experience for me, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!"
Jim Walter

I would like to thank you again for letting me perform.  I really 
appreciate what you are doing with the SSA. I just wanted to thank you and everyone involved. It's nice to know, that in a world whose pop culture embraces "cookie cutter" music, people will still support the original songwriter. 
Clay Jackson, 10/08/00

"Great show!!!!
I can see a lot of you and your staffs time went into putting your 1 year anniversary showcase on. From the bottom of my heart and all the guys from Manic, we had a great time playing for everyone."
Seth Fravala 10/01/00

I just wanted to say what a super job you did for the
Anniversary show. I loved being able to hear all the
different acts.
-SusieCool 10/05/00

Phil- congratulations on a great first year and a
successful showfest 2000. i'm sure it was good to see
your hard work payoff with a good turnout. it shows
that the SSA has had an impact on the community for so
many people to show up and stay the course of the
event despite threatening weather and all. keep it

- JEFF MERRILL 10/02/00


"I cannot express my appreciation for all that you and the "SSA team" have accomplished through the showcases."
Jim Walter

"You  are truly pioneers in the field.  I commend you for all the work you all put in to it."
-Seth Fravala

"Performing at your showcase was a breath of fresh air"
-Mark Hodgson

"I virtually had given  up on music until someone handed my wife a flyer about the SSA and that's when I really began getting serious again about songwriting and performing. That's why I am so grateful to your organization. It helped me believe in myself again."
-Josh Sherman

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