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-Old Court/W Indiana Av
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Coming soon to downtown DeLand! Look for our Grand Opening in February 2014!
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The Grotto


MAINSTREET GRILL - DeLand casual dining

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Do you like to see and hear great live music? Do you like to Rock Out? Do you like to have fun, eat great food, drink, meet new people, get a little crazy, laugh, be inspired, get outdoors, breath fresh air, bond with a love one, entertain or be entertained, relax, find satisfaction, stroll city streets, enyoy yourself, explore new things, spend quality time with your friends & family, and on and on and on.....................................................??????????????????????????If you answered yes to all or one of the above items then you will want to attend the:

14th Annual

             & SSA's 2014 MUSIC AWARDSNov 2nd
Nov 15, 2014


Over 175 Acts/ 28 Stages
This Event Is
The Largest One Day
Music Festival In The Southeast Featuring
Independent Original Music
"A Monumental Celebration of the Creativity In Music"




  Sponsored By
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2014 Event Sponsor Packages/Pricing are available upon request by emailing


Additional Acts added Daily
To inquire about submitting to perform at the festival send email HERE
Please include audio weblink or file.


Trae Pierce & T-Stone- Rock/Funk/Blues, Orlando/Daytona  https://www.facebook.com/TraePierce.TStone
Dan Walters- Alternative / Americana / Progressive, DeLand, FL Dan Walters
MILKA- ROCK, ORLANDO, FL www.milkarocks.bandcamp.com
The Stocktons- indie-rock, Jacksonville, www.facebook.com/thestocktonsjax
FORGE....formerly The Republik- Rock, Fort Lauderdale www.JointheFORGE.com 
The Coyotes and Towndogs- Americana, DeLand http://www.coyotesandtowndogs.com/

Yellow Day Union- pop punk, Orlando www.yellowdayunion.com
Fort Defiance- Indie/Folk Nashville www.reverbnation.com/fortdefianceband
Are Friends Electric- Indie Rock, Daytona Are Friends Electric

The Getbye- Gypsy, Indie, Folk,  Orlando https://www.facebook.com/TheGetbye

Center of Time- Pop Rock, Fort Lauderdale www.centeroftime.com
Mike Gales- Blues/Rock,  Richmond VA www.Mikegakes.biz
Magnatar- Progressive Rock, DeLand http://magnatarband.wix.com/magnatar
Chaotic Transit- indie alternative, Tallahassee www.facebook.com/ChaoticTransit
SJ- Acoustic Singer Songwriter, Melbourne www.sjacoustic.com
The Blacklist Swindlers- Rock Orlando www.theblacklistswindlers.com
*Worth Road- Rock, Jacksonville www.worthroadmusic.com  
Swingin Harpoon- Blues, Tallahassee http://SwinginHarpoon.com
Late Fer Dinner- Bluegrass, Winter Park Fl www.reverbnation.com/sandysbackporchrevival

Sleepless Breeders- Folk Rock, Deland https://soundcloud.com/sleeplessbreeders/sharp
THE  TRANSFERS- Indie/Melodic RockDaytona Beach www.facebook.com/thetransfers

Petey & the Ravens- rock/blues fusion, Orlando Www.reverbnation.com/peteytheravens
Nebulous Project- Modern Jazz, Fusion, New Smyrna Beach www.nebulousproject.com
Peyote Moon- folk-rock, Orlando www.peyotemoonmusic.com
*True Adkins- Rock/blues/pop, Texas/FL www.Facebook.com/trueadkinsmusic
Horace Holloway- Lakeland, Florida www.HoraceHolloway.com
Jupiter Groove- Improgroovinstrumetal, Orlando www.jupitergroove.com
GREYE- Progressive Folk,  Daytona Beach www.greyemusic.com
Hello Revolution- Rock, pop, Orlando www.facebook.com/hellorevolution
Drop July- Folk punk, Orlando http://l.facebook.com/l.  
Billy Buchanan & Free Avenue- Soul and Blues Rock St. Augustine www.billybuchanan.org
Sitarick- East-West fusion/Buddha Lounge, Daytona beach www.rickdeyampert.com
Ellipsis- Pop Rock, Orlando www.ellipsismusic.net
Nick Bryant- Alternative/Folk, Brunswick, GA www.reverbnation.com/nickbryant1
Pilotwave- Indie Rock, Jacksonville www.pilotwave.net
SaraCrabtree- pop/rock country, Orlando www.SaraCrabtreeMusic.com
Crawford Redgate- Americana, Nashville Tn http://www.reverbnation.com/crawfordredgate
Matt Hannam- Folk Rock/Singer Songwriter  Cape Coral http://www.reverbnation.com/matthannam

Andrew Williams Band- Blues/Rock, Orlando www.reverbnation.com/andrewwilliamsband
 Mahland- Alternative/Pop/Rock, Clermont https://www.facebook.com/MahlandBand?ref=bookmarks
Euphrates- Rock & Soul,  Daytona Beach www.facebook.com/saltofeuphrates
The ATTO Music Project- Blues, Jazz, Instrumental, Jam Band, Orlando and Puerto Rico www.attomusic.com

Rendered Abstract- Progressive, DeLand, Florida www.facebook.com/renderedabstractband

Dylan Mathews & The Flips- Blues/Rock, Eustis  http://www.dylanmathewsandtheflips.com
Charlie Gear- Violin Fusion DeLand www.charliegear.com
Beth McKee- Americana/Southern Roots, Orlando https://www.facebook.com/beth.mckee.swamproots
Shadd Roe- Acoustic Rock, Winter Park FL, New Orleans  www.shaddroe.com
Joshua Hoffman- Singer/Songwriter ,Orlando www.Facebook.com/JoshuaHoffmanBand

*Five Years Dead- Cocoa https://www.facebook.com/FiveYearsDeadOfficial

Bailey Callahan & Tristan Smith- pop, country & rock, Winter Park www.baileycallahan.com
*The Shaun Peace Band- Rock/Blues/Funk/Reggae, Palm Bay http://www.reverbnation.com/shaunpeace

The Orange Creek Riders- folk, folk rock, Orlando https://www.facebook.com/TheOrangeCreekRiders
HEENE BOYZ- Metal,  Spring Hill, FL www.heeneboyz.com
Charley & Jesi- rock, Jupiter and Los Angeles www.charleyandjesi.com
Wrong Brother- americana/folk, Orlando www.reverbnation.com/wrongbrother
Karegan Wodz- Pop / County, Deland www.karegan.com
Martin and Breslin Band- light rock, folk & blues, Gainesville www.martinandbreslinband.com

Jayedone- darkwave/Indie/psychedelic, Melbourne www.reverbnation.com/jayedone
*David Lareau and The Copperpots- Americana , Tallahassee www.davidlareauandthecopperpots.com 
Harbor Point- alt./rock/reggae orlando, https://www.facebook.com/HarborPointBlvd
Victor Montequin & Jars of Jam- Alternative,Orlando www.reverbnation.com/victormontequin
Tiger Fawn- Indie rock, Deland https://www.facebook.com/tigerfawn/timeline
The Ferguson Kolher Project- Industrial Blues/Rock, DeLand facebook.com/pages/The-Ferguson-Kohler-Project/
RAZORZ EDGE- Shock Rock, Orlando, FL www.facebook.com/RazorzEdge1
Boo Radley- Americana,Tallahassee https://www.facebook.com/booradleymusic
True Gain- Christian Rock, Orlando www.Truegainband.com
Jim Crozier- Edgy Blues and Twisted Americana ,Tallahassee http://jimcrozier.com  
*Wilde At Heart- Storyteller, Tacoma, WA https://www.facebook.com/wildeatheartband
Vova Zen- ska-based rock, Orlando https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vova-Zen/189145496724 

Paradime- Pop Rock/Alternative, Jacksonville www.theparadimeband.bandcamp.com
Becca Downey-pop, Deland  (Website N/A)

Ryan Adam Olmedo- Blues, Jazz, Acoustic, Rockledge http://www.reverbnation.com/joab

FreeThePeople- Rock Orlando http://www.reverbnation.com/freethepeople
FrontSideDown- Rock,  Daytona Bch  http://www.reverbnation.com/FrontSideDown
Mark Chiriboga- Rock/Blues/Jazz, Day Bch Mark Chiriboga

Captivated Nation- Indie Rock, Sarasota www.captivatednation.com

Zombonham- Experimental Grunge, DeLand  (Website N/A)
NUNEZ- Rock, Orlando www.lindanunezmusic.com
 Lonnie Madison- Hollywood https://www.facebook.com/albert.hilt.52

The Sleepless Breeders- Jazzy Babymakin' Music with some Spicy Funk, The Sleepless Breeders-
Rock Hell Victory- Rock, Jacksonville www.facebook.com/rockhellvictory
Sound Democracy- Rock, Orlando http://sounddemocracyband.com/
Caleb Joseph, Jazz, Ruskin Fl www.calebjoseph.net
Cold War Relic- Modern Rock, East Orlando www.ColdWarRelic.Com
Joseph Harrison- jazz rock, Daytona Beach www.harrisonmusiclife.com
Single Malt- Rock,  Orlando https://www.facebook.com/singlemaltorlando 
Sunshine and Bullets- Hard Rock/Alternative/Experimental, Tampa www.sunshineandbullets.com
john goggin- acoustic rock, bronson fl http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=1267415&T=5375
Clarence Mayhew- Ambient/Shoegaze, Orange City http://www.clarencemayhew.com
David Watt Besley- Americana, St. Augustine www.davidwattbesley.com
Rise 2 Brutality- Metal, St. Petersburg www.facebook.com/rise2brutality
EXIT 44-  Folk, Country, Americana, Lakeland www.exit-44.com 
Tiger Rider- Folk Rock, Sanford, FL Tiger Rider-
Josh We Know - bending acoustic DeLand Josh We Know

Valerie Bouilly- R&B, Gospel, Palm Bay https://www.facebook.com/valBouilly
Camaros and UFOs- Rock, New Smyrna Beach www.camarosandufos.com
Forging Fiction- Indie Rock, Kissimmee (Website N/A)
Common Ground- Christian Rock, New Smyrna Beach www.common-ground-band.com
Bill Metts- Americana-Folk, Cape Coral Fl http://www.reverbnation.com/billmetts

Bone Honey- Blues Rock, Orlando http://www.bonehoney.com
QUANTUM  X- Transcendent hard rock, Orlando www.QuantumXband.com
Landing Falls- Singer/Songwriter, Jacksonville https://soundcloud.com/landing-falls
The Long White Shore- Rock, Palm Coast, FL, www.thelongwhiteshore.com
Desire- Acoustic pop, Soul,  Tampa, FL www.idesiretosing.com
Shifty Gears- Singer/Songwriter  Jacksonville, FL www.reverbnation.com/danraymond

Meredith Williams and Kathleen Northey- blue/folk/rock, Deltona

*Believers Of Exile- Rock/Metal, Deltona https://www.facebook.com/pages/Believers-Of-Exile/32119496124009512
Soulcean- Beach Rock, Flagler Beach http://bmathewson12.wix.com/soulcean

Straightjacket- rock, orlando https://www.facebook.com/straightjacketofficial

Primitive Road- Americana, Deland  (Website N/A)
Levity- Rock, hard rock, alternative rock, Longwood www.Facebook.com/levity_fl
Mike White and the Green Swamp Band- Southern Rock, clermont   (Website N/A)

*Geoffrey Harris- Singer songwriter/Alternative, Orlando www.Geoffreyharrismusic.com
Sisterwolf- rock, Deltona (Website N/A)
The Ghost of Frisco Farr- folk, ormond beach www.wearefriscofarr.bandcamp.com
Izak- Latin, Orlando www.izaknota.com
The Fine Line- Funk,Hip Hop, Deland, FL http://www.thefinelinemusic.com/
Impact- Rock, Ormond Beach Impact

 Garine Adams- Singer Songwriter, Orlando www.reverbnation.com/garineadams
Mark McHenry- Country, Pinellas Park, FL http://markmchenrymusic.com
Classic Shock- rock, melbourne www.classicshockrock.com
Robin Lewis- Sing Songwriter, Orlando http://www.reverbnation.com/musician/robinlewis
Scott Forbes- Singer Songwriter/Acoustic Rock, Orlando, FL www.reverbnation.com/scottforbes 

Kenny Bird- Christian blues http://soundcloud.com/kenny-t-bird
008- hip hop, acoustic, reggae, rock http:\\www.soundcloud.com\200proof
*Cupper- mixture of original jazz,country and rock, Nashville/Orlando (Website N/A)
bcpz- Alternative/Acoustic, Orlando www.bcpzband.com
Chaddy Boom- pop/rock, Casselberry www.chaddyboom.com

Futuristic Diner- electro-funk, Deland http://www.reverbnation.com/futuristicdiner
Tribulum- Rock, Palm Coast www.reverbnation.com/tribulum  
The Ned- Rugrat, Palm Coast www.thened.bandcamp.com
Robin and Eddy & the Secrets- Americana  Melbourne  www.robinandeddy.com
DIAMANTE- Orlando www.reverbnation.com/diamantextrememzc 
Will Purdy- acoustic/alternative/rock, Kissimmee www.reverbnation.com/willpurdy4

LUCKY DREAMER MARQUIS- 12 string rock, deltona florida www.luckydreamermarquis.info
The Civil Ties, Palm Harbor, FL (Need Website/Contact)

 Tie-Dye Road- indie, Ormond Beach https://www.facebook.com/tiedyeroad
The Calm- Alternative/Pop Punk, West Palm Beach, FL www.thecalmmusic.com
Still Rollin- Americana, Kissimmee www.Reverbnation.com/StillRollin
SLOW Cat Crossing- Dub/Experimental New Smyrna Beach https://soundcloud.com/natcunes
Mark Steven band- Christian Rock Palm Bay, Fl www.marksteven.org
Kelly Marie- Singer/Songwriter, Melbourne, FL www.kellymarie.bandcamp.com
Natalie - folk, deland (Website N/A)
Rickey Dickens- Americana DeLand, FL  www.Facebook.com/rickeydickensmusic
Steel Gypsy- Power Metal, Daytona beach www.Reverbnation.com/steelgypsy
John David Williams- Folk-Rock,Orlando https://www.facebook.com/pages/John-D-Williams-music/330597284325?ref=br_tf

*Pharz- Funk,  Daytona Beach (Website N/A)z

Marc Andrew Poveromo- Country/Christian, Orlando Florida (Website N/A)
Social Fatigue- Rock, Leesburg, FL http://socialfatigue.com

Ebon Cross- Hard Rock, Orlando https://www.facebook.com/eboncross?ref=br_tf
Halo Milo- Alternative Rock, Orlando https://www.facebook.com/halomilo

Shadow Wall- Rock/Metal, Daytona  Beach (Website N/A)

mollyexpre$$- Instrumental Hip-Hop, Ambient, Trance, Chillwave, Trillwave, Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Columbus, GA soundcloud
The Fringes- Rock/alternative rock Ormond Beach  (Website N/A)

StoneGrey- Rock, Tampa www.stonegreyband.com
Steve Patterson- Singer/Songwriter, Winter Springs http://www.reverbnation.com/stevepatterson7
After The Storm Band- Christian Blues, Fruitland Park, FL www.afterthestormband.com
Mike Rydock- folk, Middletown, PA www.reverbnation.com/mikerydock
Three of a Mind- Progressive Rock, Orlando www.threeofamind.com

Stone Castle Band- Christian Rock,  West Palm Beachwww.Reverbnation.com/stonecastleband
Murdurface- Metal, Leesburg www.facebook.com/murdurface

* UnderCover Betty- Rock, Tampa www.undercoverbetty.com
Jai' Eagle- Gospel/RnB, Orlando www.jaieagle.com
Benny Guest- Hip Hop, Satellite Beach www.bennyguest.com
Joe Gibran- American,Folk, Country Deland (Website N/A)
NOMIS- Alternative Acoustic, Daytona http://www.reverbnation.com/znomisz

Rita Brooke- Indie -infusion of rock, country & blues Houston, TX www.ritabrooke.com
Man of Reason- Folk-Rock, Palm Coast www.manofreasonmusic.com
*$tudioking$- rap, Melbourne www.reverbnation.com/studiokings
Oldschool- Americana, Deland http://www.reverbnation.com/oldschool23?
Adam Morgan- Singer/songwriter, Jacksonville www.purevolume.com/adammorganfl

* Naomi Joy- Gospel/Jazz, Orlando www.naomijoymusic.com
*alex paul- gainesville, florida youtube
*DJ Blues- blues Minneola, http://www.davidjuliamusic.com/
Christopher Jordan- World Inspired, DeLand
*Lovee- Pop,Rap, and R&b, Kissimmee https://www.facebook.com/Princess.luvie.hazelbabii.shead
Fylo Zoet- Folk,Rock,Blues- Daytona Beach, FL www.fylozoet.co 


To inquire about submitting to perform at the festival send email HERE
Please include audio weblink or file.



Songwriters Showcases of America


DeLand Original Music Festival (DOMF)
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